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It’s Heating Season. Is Your Furnace Safe?

It’s heating season, don’t “just” depend on CO detectors. Is your furnace safe? I started inspecting homes in WI over 25 years ago. For years I checked every furnace for Carbon Monoxide even though testing for Carbon Monoxide (CO) is beyond the scope of a Home Inspection in WI. I’ve always tried to offer our […]

Home Buying / Home Inspection Risk Reduction (Part 1 of 3)

As well as EXCITEMENT, we might also feel a little nervous or stress when it comes to buying a home. Could there be major issues my home inspector won’t find? Well, there’s something you can do to help lower your risk. My name is Donn Anderson. I’m a Certified Master Home Inspector® in Southeastern Wisconsin […]


What does Workmanlike Manner mean? in ANSPECT’s Nov 2018 Newsletter

Original email newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/4f4bbf9580d1/anderson-home-inspection-nov-2018-newsletter-workmanlike-manner Was your Offer to Purchase TL;DR? These days we convince ourselves that taking the time to read important documents takes too much time, effort and some educating of ourselves to understand—and that “it’s a legal document, I’m sure they’ve got my best interests covered”. They may and often do not, and […]

8 Budget Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Improve your light fixtures Replace old, outdated and energy-hog light fixtures. Nowadays, there are lots of available light fixtures that are energy efficient and designed specifically for modern homes. There are some that are specifically designed for the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Some might cost a bit more than the regular lights but in […]