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Anderson Home Inspection

Our promise is to provide you with the most competent detailed home inspector who treats you with care, patience and loyalty. We will inspect your home as if we were inspecting it for ourselves and our family. Since 1995, our goal is still 100% customer satisfaction.

About Donn Anderson, CMI - Certified Master Inspector®

Donn Anderson began working in construction in the mid 60’s. He started Anderson Home Inspection and performed his first professional home inspection in January of 1995. He has inspected over 12,000 homes in Southeastern Wisconsin since then. He has been a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors – Great Lakes Chapter since 1996. He served as the Education Chairman for the Milwaukee Chapter of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors from 1996 – 2009. He is a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. He received his Real Estate license in the mid 1980s. Donn was a co-author of the jurisprudence exam for licensing Wisconsin Home Inspectors. He holds licenses as a WI State UDC Building Inspector, an FHA 203k Consultant, and his experience includes performing Energy Audits as a Certified Consultant for the Energy Homes Performance Program. Donn is certified as a Residential Measurement Provider by NEHA-NRPP to test for Radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. He works as an expert witness for homeowners who have been exposed to substandard construction and home inspection practices.

Home Buyer's Checklist

1. Check landscaping: Is the earth flat around the house? Is the concrete flat or pitched towards the house? Bring a water bottle, pour a small amount and watch the direction of flow. Are there trees close to the house that may affect drain tiles or wall integrity? Is the driveway close to the house or pitched towards the house?

2. Check roof (bring binoculars): Look for rust in valleys. Look for granular loss, cupping and curling on shingles. Look for missing mortar and caulk on chimney. Look for vents.

3. Check plumbing pressure on highest-level bathroom: Run cold water in the sink, flush the toilet and run cold water in the tub. Are the water pipes in the basement gray (galvanized) or copper? Look under sinks for signs of leaking. Gently put calf pressure against the toilet to check for movement.

4. Check electrical panel: Does the panel have 60 amp fuses or 100 amp breakers (typical)? Is romex (white plastic) wiring hanging loose from bottom of joist or run through?

5. Check furnace: Does the furnace vent with white plastic (pvc) or metal? Is the filter clean?

6. Check basement: Do basement walls have horizontal cracks more than 1/8" thick? (bring line with 1" washers) Are there signs of moisture in the corners? Is the paint peeling from the lower course of block on the walls? Are there signs of moisture or rot at the base of wood walls? Are the basement walls and/or floor freshly painted?